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Posada Remanso del Quebradón

Vía Mérida con subida a San Luis, Aldea Saysayal Bajo. La Azulita. Mérida


(261) 7975935 (416) 5629707 (414) 6149843


“Remanso del Quebradon”, Echo-Tourist inn (or “posada” in native talking) which is located in a small coffee farm in La Azulita (1200 meters above sea level), Mérida state. The very rich biodiversity, particularly in birds as much endemics as migratory (114 different species already photographed inside the farm), make the inn a paradise for birds watchers. The climate is always spring kind. To entertain your self, you can also take a walk, play a typical game named “bolas criollas” (very similar with the french game “la petanque”) in its special court, pool table, parlor games (like domino, chinesse checkers, card games) and others




  • Restaurant
  • Parking area
  • Hot water

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