Casa El Pozo

Calle Viejo de Agua. Playa el Agua. Playa El Agua. Margarita - Nueva Esparta


(295) 2490140 (424) 8328238


Posada/Guesthouse situated 150 metres from the beach and main boulevard at Playa el Agua, Isla Margarita. All rooms have private bathroom with shower, toilet and sink;all rooms are air-conditioned with a choice of double or 2 single beds. Refrigerator in every room. Communal kitchen with all facilities- oven,fridge/freezer, microwave, cooking utensils. Sunbeds with sun parasol.Private separate entrance, secure car parking.




  • Air conditioning
  • Cable Tv
  • Pool
  • Checks
  • Parking area
  • Hot water

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